Thursday, February 14, 2013

Feb 14 WOD: Valentine's shmalentines

Who needs Valentine's Day when you have CrossFit to make your heart beat faster and make you feel amazingly alive? Although I can't say that CrossFit will never break your heart or make you cry, you know it will never leave you for as long as you're able and willing to work out.

Pre-WOD, we worked on the dead lift. We were given 15 minutes to work up to our 3RM. I was able to do 165 lbs.

Anyway. We did a partner WOD today, which was 10 RFT:

- 5 dead lifts (225/155)
- 200m run
- 15 hand release push ups

For those who weren't going Rx, the scale is 70% of our 3RM, so I did 120 lbs. I partnered with George but we didn't share a bar. There was some confusion about the mechanics of the PWOD at the beginning. I think it's supposed to work like this: Round 1 - Partner 1 does dead lifts and when he's done Partner 2 runs 200m, then Partner 1 does the HRPUs. Round 2 - Partner 2 does dead lifts, then Partner 1 runs, then Partner 2 does the push ups, and so on until both of you complete 10 rounds together. Anyway, there were so many questions and clarifications that we just did what we could in 20 minutes (that was the time cap).

My score: 7 rounds + 200m run

And this was our reward for showing up:

That's right. The way to a woman's heart is CrossFit and flowers. Okay, and maybe also chocolate (but it has to be 72% cacao).

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