Sunday, December 18, 2011

December 18 WOD

This is the first time for me to do a weekend WOD and I almost regretted it. Almost. Warm up included an 800m run, wall-facing squats, squat jumps, and push ups... which felt like a WOD in itself.

The WOD itself was 15 minutes AMRAP of:

- 100m row
- 10 front squats
- 10 lateral jumps
- 10 burpees

Initially, the row was supposed to be 200m, but I guess the coach thought it would take up too much time since there were only 3 machines vs. about 10 people. For the front squats I used the 35 lb bar again (maybe I need to upgrade to 45 lbs next time?). The hardest was the lateral jumps. It sounds so simple: jump over a parallette from side-to-side. But it's not so easy to do when your legs are already burning from the front squats.

Anyway, at the end of 15 minutes I was able to do 3 rounds.

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