Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 14 WOD

Before the WOD, we had to do 30 reps of 10-second "hollow body" holds. Basically, you lie on the floor and push your lower back down on the floor, and your legs and shoulders should be raised off the floor. The exercise is supposed to teach you to tighten your abs and glutes, which you're supposed to do when lifting weights so you won't injure your back.

After that, we did 10 rounds of:

- 10-second overhead hold
- 10 good mornings
- 10 grasshoppers (5 each side)
- 20 double unders / 60 singles

I used the 25-lb bar for the overhead holds and good mornings, but after the workout I realized I could've gone with the 35-lb bar. And I can't do double unders (yet!) so I did the 60.

I finished in 22:42.

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