Sunday, September 11, 2016

Trying something not-so-new

I haven't been as motivated and as fired up as I used to be about CrossFit so I'm trying yoga again. I did it years ago on a once-per-week basis in UP. That was pre-CF when I was still "into running" (I can't believe I used to love running) and I was hoping yoga would help me with it. Anyway, I found a place that offers ashtanga vinyasa yoga classes nearby every Saturday morning, which is perfect since that's the only time I can do it. They offer a free trial, and 8 sessions cost P2,000 only -- a steal!

I've tried 2 teachers so far, and they were both good. I was a little worried that we'd be doing the same sequence every session and it would be boring but so far we haven't repeated sequences yet. And I love the slightly sore feeling I get the next day.

I'm not used to looking at the mirror anymore when working out so it was slightly unsettling to see myself in all my sweaty gloriousness. It helped though, because I could see what the teacher meant when she said "square your hips" or "shoulders down" or "don't hyperextend your back." I especially like that the teacher makes micro adjustments to our bodies while we're in a pose. Sweat was pouring down my face like I was doing CF. It's hard to hold still because it burns!

Let's see if I'll continue with yoga after my 8 sessions are done. I'm liking it so far, though.